Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Raining, Training

It's been rainning recently, and it's so commom in Taipei. I dislike Such a wet atmosphere, especially I'm the kind of people who love outside activities.

But my thought just changes since I've started my road running in rain for several times. I've discovered that the foggy sight in rain is an ideal attentiveness and discretion training; I must focus on every step I tread, otherwise I might sprain my ankles or step on puddles which make my shoes totally wet. And this condition forces me think nothing but concentrate on the way I run. You guys must know that I'm a cogitator who always think too much, and this personality usually affects my performance. Since I have to put my mind in rain, I can feel my breaths and movements, correct when my respiration is in a mess or my body is swaying. I really recognize that I've run better and faster since I adjust myself in the rain running. Now, even I run in a sunny, breezy weather, I can still remember the perfect movement I made in the rains.

It's also a good exercise for transition from swimming to cycling in triathlon. Contestants have to run with soaked body when they get up from the water, and they have to get used to the weight difference and the attaching clothes when the fabric is full of water; It's exactly the same as my running in rains. The falling rain on my clothes makes me all wet, I have to adjust to the dripping water and attatching clothes, It's very different from the condition in nice weather.

Focus on running but adjusting to the varying running process, such an antinomy is what I have to conquer in rain running, and the feeling of exploit when I finish everytime is the best return, it also drives me yearning for next running.

Is it a day off when I get up in a rainy morning?

No, it's just a start!

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