Sunday, October 12, 2008

recent training

The weather just become cooler obviously. It seems that the winter is coming soon. I enjoy the training in such a cool weather with breeze. If the sky could be less cloudier so that I can see the bright blue sky, it will be perfect.

Maybe it's just my illusions, I feel that the street is more silent in cold days than in summer. The noise of automobiles and scooters come out later in my jogging. I love this soundless feeling that I can hear my steps clearly. When my rhythm combines with my breath. There's no more pleasant than it.

I've strengthend my muscles and raised the intensity of training for a couple of weeks. With the supplements like glucosamine, I can feel the progress of my body and the big stick. The tiring and aches during the final distance are slighter, and the post-weary of my legs and ankles also reduces. Since I've become stronger, I can enjoy the process of training much more rather than worrying about the pains.

The performance has also raised, I've kept the fastest records for many times recently, when I finished my run and checked out the time, the decreasing numbers could always make me more confident and excited, of course, more expected to start tomorrow's jogging.

I always think about that to apply my spirits of training into my daily life, that is , patience, struggle and confidence. But it hasn't been achieved yet...

I belive myself, belive that there's one day I can live without torments and dreads.

Just do it!

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