Wednesday, August 5, 2009

foot and shoes type-finally

After the study and experiments, and the pain I have gone through for last three years. I finally get my right foot type and the shoe models.

I used to "see" my arches by merely bare eyes. I have to accept that it's an absolutely wrong way. I used to think that I have low arches. But it was quite confused that why the wearing on my shoes was always along the outer sides? The conflit made me hard to choose my shoes. I usually chose stable types finally, and it often made me feel uncomfortable on my foot and knees.

This morning I did the wet-testing and studied on the web sides, I found out that I had totally misunderstood before. I'm a high arches person with underpronation. The ideal shoe type should be neutral or cushion.

So happy that I finally get the answer, and I won't have pains on legs anymore!

Run, Daniel, run!

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