Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is me, the one who just finished his daily jogging for 5.4km and 100 times of push-up.

A tiring face with satisfaction, I enjoy running in the morning. The fresh air and gentle wind kiss my face. I can see the sky becoming lighter and lighter and no more cars and noise. Everything seems to be standstill when I'm running on road.

Sometimes I think as the beautiful sceneries passing by. What I think might be my life, bagatelles, school works, or my families. The quiet morning makes my mind peaceful.

In spite of extremely terrible weather, I run almost everyday. Note the word "extremely" I use, it means that nearly nothing could stop my daily trainnig. I run in the rain, strong wind, under hot sun, or even during damn cold current arriving.

Since I start long time ago, a time I can't really remember. I know I can keep running, just like that I ride my bike up to the steepest hill.

You may ask me, "why you press yourself like that?".

It might be a kind of responsibility, I think, at least for me, it is.

And I'm still loving it!

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